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Individuals / entities :

The payers account number is the only identification number for all taxes, fees and customs duties. Until 2004 it was called "Taxpayer Account Number". Approximately corresponds to the TIN in the Russian Federation. UNP is assigned when information about the payer is entered in the State Register of Taxpayers, Duties and Other Obliged Persons. UNP persists throughout life, unchanged. Upon termination of the payers organization is recognized as invalid, not reused. When merging organizations, a new one is assigned a new UNP, the UNP of the participating organizations is declared invalid. If it suddenly turns out that the payer has more than one UNP, the one assigned earlier than the other is recognized as valid, the rest - invalid. The UNP assigned to a legal entity is identical to its registration number, which is recorded in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs.

UNP structure

UNP is formed as a digital code for organizations or alphanumeric code for individuals, consists of 9 characters and has the following structure: X 1 X 2 X 3 X 4 X 5 X 6 X 7 X 8 K { displaystyle {X_ {1}} {X_ {2}} {X_ {3}} {X_ {4}} {X_ {5}} {X_ {6}} {X_ {7}} {X_ {8}} {K}} X 1 { displaystyle {X_ {1}}} - a number or letter, identifies the region where the entrepreneur is registered: X 2 { displaystyle {X_ {2}}} - X 8 { displaystyle {X_ {8}}} - serial number of the payer. Each subsequent payer number is formed by adding a unit to the previously assigned number. K { displaystyle {K}} - a check digit, which is designed to detect errors that are possible when recording the PNP in documents, on technical media, when transmitting information through communication channels.
UNP 200988541 is a legal entity from the Brest region.
UNP MA1953684 - an individual from the Mogilev region.


The TIN for individuals consists of 9 digits

MA1953684 200988541 101119568 100073726