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TIN Check Brunei Darussalam

For individuals :

The TIN equivalent is the NRIC number.
It is attributed to:
Brunei Darussalam Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 12 years or above
Temporary Residents with immigration passes of 3 months or above, and aged 12 years or above


The NRIC number consists in 8 digits (format: 99-999999).

For entities:

The TIN equivalent is a standard registration number, that is attributed to:
Sole-Proprietorships or Partnerships
Private Limited Companies and Public Companies
Foreign Branch of companies


The structure of the standard registration number depends of the entity type:
Sole-proprietorships: 9 characters (format: P99999999)
Private Limited Companies: 10 characters (format: RC99999999)
Foreign Branch Companies: 11 characters (format: RFC99999999)

00-044517 01-021882 P99999999 RC99999999 RFC99999999