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TIN Check Bulgaria (BG)

In Bulgaria, the Taxpayer Identification Number TIN for individuals is designated by Unified Civil Number (UCN) for Bulgarian citizens, for Foreign citizens who receive permission for long-term or permanent residence in Bulgaria and for the other foreign citizens resident for tax proposes the TIN is the official number.

For entities, there are 3 kind of TINs, the Unified identification Code (UIC), the UIC assigned to branches of resident companies and the official number from NRA’s register.

To validate a tax identification number from Bulgaria, the TIN / UCN / UIC / official numbers for NRA’s must be placed on top of it, which must obey the following format:

For Individuals

The TIN /UCN may assume the following format: • NNNNNNNNNN (Total of 10 digits)

N identifies that it must be a numeric digit.

For Entities

The TIN / UIC / official numbers for NRA’s may assume the following 3 formats:

• NNNNNNNNN (UIC with total of 9 digits)
• NNNNNNNNNNNNN (UIC with total of 13 digits)
• 307NNNNNNN (official numbers for NRAs with a total of 10 digits)

N identifies that it must be a numeric digit.
307 identifies that the 1st three digits are 307.

After validation, additional information on the TIN / UCN / UIC/ official numbers for NRA’s introduced will be made available.

7501010010 831650349 121292046 1213961230342