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The Número de Identidad, or "identity number," is the unique identification number assigned to every Cuban citizen. This number is also commonly known as the "Cuban identity card number," as it is printed on the national identity card issued to all citizens.

The Cuban identity card number consists of 11 digits, with the first six digits representing the persons birthdate in the format of DDMMYY. The next three digits are assigned sequentially by the issuing authority and the final two digits are the control digits, which are used to verify the validity of the number.

The control digits are calculated using a specific algorithm that takes into account the first nine digits of the identity card number. The algorithm involves taking each digit, multiplying it by a weight assigned to that digits position, and summing the results. The sum is then divided by 11 and the remainder is used to calculate the two control digits.

The Cuban identity card number is an important piece of personal information that is used in a variety of contexts, including registering for social services, obtaining employment, and accessing healthcare. It is also required for voting in national elections.

In addition to the identity card number, the national identity card also includes the holders photograph, name, date of birth, gender, and other identifying information. The card is issued by the Registro de Ciudadanos, or Citizen Registry, which is responsible for maintaining accurate records of all Cuban citizens.

The national identity card is an important document that serves as proof of identity and citizenship in Cuba. It is required for a wide range of activities, including opening a bank account, obtaining a drivers license, and registering for university courses. The Cuban government takes the security and integrity of the national identity card system very seriously, as it is a key component of the countrys social and political infrastructure.

Overall, the Número de Identidad and the Cuban identity card number are critical components of the national identity system in Cuba. They provide a unique identifier for each citizen, which is used in a wide range of contexts, and are an important part of the countrys infrastructure for providing social services and managing civic life.

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