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The National Taxpayers Registry contains the data that belong to a natural or legal person based on their identification, location and attributes. This registry assigns a numerical sequence called the RNC number, this being the unique and permanent identification code that is received at the time of registration.
What makes up this RNC? Internal Tax assigns two types of RNC numbers: Registered and Taxpayers.
Registered RNC are granted to carry out some procedure, certain operations, to be able to make the declaration and / or the payment of a tax or fee from time to time. While the RNC of Taxpayers are to carry out one or several economic activities that generate tax obligations of periodic presentation.
Who must register with the RNC? All people, whether of national or foreign origin, who have tax responsibility in the Dominican territory.
Where should the RNC appear? The RNC number must be recorded in a visible and clearly identifiable way, in all invoices, purchase orders, orders and documents of tax importance, as well as in the different communications with Internal Taxes, such as: sworn statements and other documents required by the institution and / or issued by the taxpayer.
What is the RNC Act? The RNC Act is the official document that issues Internal Taxes as proof of your registration as a taxpayer or an update of your data. It contains general data, which include: its economic activity (s), the main partners and its board of directors, its legal representatives, branches, among others. Likewise, a special section that breaks down the duties and obligations that must be fulfilled, the dates of presentation and payment of these and the corresponding affidavit forms. ?


Legal People: 11 digits without hyphen. Format for printing on receipts: 3 digits, 1 dash, 7 digits, 1 dash, 1 check sum digit like 031-0313993-2 Companies: 9 digits without hyphen. First digit must be (1, 4, 5), format for printing on receipts: 1 digit, 1 dash, 2 digits, 1 dash, 5 digits, 1 dash, 1 check sum digit like 1-30-00245-8

31-0313993-2 101855681 130-50884-4 123-00473-7