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TIN Check Ethiopia

What is a Tax ID Number (TIN)?
TIN is a single unique Federal level Tax ID Number (much like a US SSN or Employer ID Number you see on your W2 forms) issued by the ERCA office in Ethiopia. Only one Tax ID Number is required in Ethiopia regardless of the number or location of businesses owned and operated.

Who needs to get a Tax ID Number?
The short answer is: every Ethiopian needs to get a TIN. More specifically, in the short run, people who are earning a taxable income on a business or a rental property in Ethiopia need to get a TIN and pay taxes. If you don’t earn a taxable income in Ethiopia now but you are entertaining opening a business or renting a real estate property in Ethiopia in the future, you are better off submitting a finger print and getting a TIN at the earliest convenience.

Where does one get a Tax ID Number?
A TIN can be obtained by filling out a form and submitting a finger print at one of the many ERCA branch offices located throughout the country.