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TIN Check Germany 2024

Germany is following the example of many of its European Union neighbors and is modernizing its tax system. With the tax identification number ( Steueridentifikationsnummer IdNr), the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Government have simplified the taxation process and reduced bureaucracy.
The IdNr will replace the long-term income tax number. This remains permanently valid and does not change, for example after a name change by marriage or after a change of marital status. The IdNr is an eleven-digit number and does not contain any information about you or the tax administration responsible.

To validate a tax identification number (TIN) for Germany, you must place the TIN on top, which must obey the following format:

For Individuals (TIN)

The Taxpayer indentification number (TIN) assumes the following format:
• NN NNN NNN NNN - 11 digits

For Entities (TIN)

The Taxpayer indentification number (TIN) assumes the following format:
• NNN NNN NNN - 9 digits

N identifies that it must be a numeric digit.

After validation, additional information about the entered TIN will be made available.

10863924976 119429301 136695976