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The Tax Identification Number (NIT) is a number assigned by the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) in Guatemala to each taxpayer, that is, the person who pays taxes.
According to the Guatemalan Tax Code of the Congress of the Republic, all actions, such as purchases and sales that are made, must be established before the SAT itself and on the invoices. This also applies to any other document that is issued in accordance with the specific law of each tax.
Article 120 of this Code stipulates that all taxpayers and responsible parties are required to register with the SAT, before starting economic and work activities. When a NIT is assigned to the taxpayer, the SAT can keep a reliable count of the taxes that a citizen pays.
Since January 2017, the Unique Identity Code (CUI) and the NIT have been harmonized in the SAT database. This information can be reviewed online from your website and is also useful for those who have forgotten their NIT.


3 to 11 digits

7555605-7 8977112-5 499184-2 576937-K