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TIN Check Hong Kong

For individuals :

The TIN equivalent number is called “Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) number” issued by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong, China.
Note: individuals with personal eTAX accounts may register a self-selected “TIN”. This number is only used for accessing e-services provided and should not be collected/provided for CRS purposes.


The HKID number consists of 8 (format: L999999L or L9999999) or 9 (format: LL999999L or LL9999999) characters. The last digit has 11 possible values from 0 to 9 and A.

For Entities :

The TIN equivalent number is the “Business Registration (BR) number” issued by Business Registration Office of Hong Kong, China.

What Exactly Is It?

TINs aren’t issued to taxpayers in Hong Kong.
The identifier the IRD refers to for taxation purposes is your Business Registration Certificate number.
You’re assigned this unique 8-digit sequence of numbers once you’ve gone through the initial process of incorporating your company, and it’ll feature on your Business Registration licence.

We’ve included a BR sample a bit further down to give you an idea of where this number is shown and the format your BRN takes.


The BR number consists of 8 digits, which are at the front of the business registration certificate number (e.g. 99999999-&&&-&&-&&-&).

AB9876542 Q2127047 BA1196657 J9009792 70569713 67169839