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Individuals :

Moldovan residents (both Moldovan citizens and foreigners) are subject to taxation for their income received during the fiscal period from any sources within the Republic of Moldova, as well as from sources outside the country for their work activity effectively performed in the Republic of Moldova (except income that is expressly tax exempt under the Moldovan law).
Moldovan citizens receiving investment and financial income from sources outside Moldova are also subject to tax on this income in Moldova.
At the same time, individuals qualifying as non-residents for Moldovan personal income tax (PIT) purposes are subject to Moldovan tax for the income derived from Moldovan sources (e.g. income received from property located in Moldova, remuneration for activity performed in Moldova, interest and royalties received from Moldovan legal entities).



Entities / Legal Person:

The unique state identification number (IDNO) assigned to the legal entity also constitutes its fiscal code.

At the time of registration of a new legal entity, it receives an IDNO code. Further, this code is used regularly throughout operations of the company, including for fiscal and tax purposes. The IDNO number (State Identification Number of Organization) is the only unique identification number that is used for identification purposes during the whole lifetime of the legal entities in the Republic of Moldova. A small number of legal entities that were registered before the introduction of the IDNO code still do not have this code. All the legal entities are obliged to reregister in order to get this code, but there is no deadline. Anyway, in order to make a change for the legal entity, the reregistration is required. Therefore, the most of the entities without an IDNO code are probably inactive entities.


13 / 7 digits

0981103125947 2004035083191 1014600013682 1003600083382