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TIN Check Russia

The INN is generated as a digital code comprised of a sequence of digits which characterize:

For businesses it is a ten-digit code:


Foreign organizations are also assigned a ten-digit code

• 9909XXXXXC.

For individuals it is a twelve-digit code


After validation, additional information about the entered TIN will be made available.

1) NNNN (4 digits)

For Russian organizations and individuals – code of the tax authority which assigned the INN.
For foreign organizations – index defined by the Federal Tax Service.


For Russian organizations (individuals) – a sequence number of the person’s entry in the territorial section of the Unified State Register of Taxpayers (USRT). It consists of 5 digits in case of organizations and 6 digits in case of individuals.
For foreign organizations – code of foreign organization according to the reference book “Foreign Companies Coding”.

3) C (CC) – control number (1 digit for organization, 2 digits for individuals)

It is generated according to a unique algorithm set by the Federal Tax Service.
Note: INN is not related to the Russian domestic passport number.

TIN Check Russia
300504899258 722433057002 3664069397 7743880975