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TIN Check Saint Lucia

For individuals / entities:

The TIN for Saint Lucia is a unique numeric code which contains 6 digits. Some of which may be leading zeros. (We do not usually take the leading zeros into account however.)
In addition to the 6 digits which form the main TIN two other digits may follow. These would indicate the tax type. A TIN is issued to entities upon application. The codes are generated by the system, in sequential order, and once issued, the code is used by a person for all tax types. The TIN is concatenated with the two digits of the tax type ID to create a tax account number for each person. For example, if a corporation has a TIN 1234 or (001234), then corporation’s VAT account number would be 00123427 while the corporate tax account number would be 00123402. (The digits in green represent the tax type. The main TIN is however 1234 or 001234).
A TIN would only change if the circumstances of a business change. For example, if the business moves from being a sole proprietorship to being a corporation, a new TIN would be issued. The TINs issued to individuals do not change.


The TIN consists of 6 digits

123427 123402