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TIN Check Singapore

For individuals:

NRIC: This is for Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore.
FIN: This is for Foreign Individuals who work in Singapore and hold a Work Permit or Employment pass.


NRIC/FIN: Both have 9 characters with the following format: L9999999L.

For entities:

UEN – Business (ROB): Number issued to Businesses registered with Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”).
UEN – Local Company (ROC): Number issued to Local Companies registered with ACRA.
UEN – Others: Number issued to all other entities which are not businesses or local companies.
Individuals or entities without a NRIC/FIN or UEN will be assigned a Tax Reference Number (ASGD) o or an Income Tax Reference Number (ITR).


UEN – Business (ROB): 9 characters (99999999L).
UEN – Local Company (ROC): 10 characters (999999999L).
UEN – Foreign companies: 10 characters (F00099999L or F 99999L).
UEN – Others: 10 characters (S99LL9999L or T99LL9999L).

S5171001J S0367411H T18LL1222N 201812121R