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TIN Check South Korea

For individuals:

The TIN is called “Resident Registration Number” and is issued by the Ministry of Interior.

The TIN consists of 13 digits (format: 999999-9999999).
The first 6 digits corresponds to the individual birth date.
The next digits corresponds to gender, region of birth registration, serial number and check digits.

• 999999-9999999.

For entities

The TIN is called “Business Registration Number” and is required to be obtained from the head of a district tax office by entities or individuals starting a business.

The TIN consists of 10 digits (format: 999-99-99999).
The middle 2 digits are used to distinguish between entities and individual corporations.

• 999-99-99999

TIN Check South Korea
960810-5483985 911228-2403592 123-45-67890