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Individuals :

Individual taxpayers who were not physically present or only stayed for a short period of time in the territory of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (hereinafter referred to as “R.O.C.”) may have neither National ID Card Number. In such a case, they can produce Tax Codes themselves as their TINs by reference to the coding principle without applying for issuance in advance from a tax authority.


A ten-digit code with the first an alphabetic letter followed by a nine-digit numeric string. The alphabetic letter is the area code of the municipality/county/city in which the individual applies for household registration. The leading number represents gender: “1” for males and “2” for females


A means of identifying a Government Uniform Invoice (GUI). A GUI number comprises two letters followed by eight digits. The tax authorities in Taiwan predefine these alphanumeric codes and issue them to company sales offices as a number range. It is up to the sales offices to apply for the number ranges periodically. In accordance with legislation in Taiwan, every sales invoice, credit memo, debit memo, down payment document, and purchase or sales return document has to have a GUI number. Their purpose is to track all the value-added tax (VAT) that a company pays or collects, and so are crucial to the creation of your VAT returns .


8 digits

Z256783650 M115187864 22099131 73251209