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For individuals / entities:

The Revenue Department of Thailand has recently announced a new regulation whereby tax payers will be required to use a new 13-digit Tax ID, instead of the current 10-digit numbers. Guidelines given are as follows: Personal income tax payers are to use the Identification Number issued by the Ministry of Interior as their Tax ID number. Juristic persons incorporated or licensed by the Ministry of Commerce are to use the registration number issued by the Ministry of Commerce as their Tax ID number. Other tax payers are to use a 13-digit Tax ID number issued by the Revenue Department. Use of the 13-digit Tax ID numbers is effective from 1 February 2012, and is to be used for tax return filing, tax payment, withholding deduction and remittance, and in all other contact with the Revenue Department and tax documentation. However, withholding tax certificates, tax invoices, receipts and invoices which have already been prepared using a 10-digit Tax ID number can continue to be used until 31 January 2013.


The TIN consists of 13/15 digits

1213141516177 1112034563562 0994000368968 310109999999901