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For individuals:

VAT taxpayer taxpayer, reduced INN VAT - a VAT taxpayers number on the register of VAT taxpayers in Ukraine. The individual VAT taxpayers tax number is the same for the entire Ukrainian information space and is maintained by the value-added taxpayer until its exclusion from the Ukrainian VAT taxpayers Register.

For individuals - a 10-digit individual taxpayer identification number (TIN, RNOKPP) from the State Register of Individuals - Taxpayers;

For persons - Responsible for holding and paying taxes to the budget during the implementation of agreements on joint activities without the establishment of a legal person, permanent establishments of non-residents in Ukraine, persons acting as investors in accordance with the production sharing agreement - 9- Enter registration number, provided by the State Tax Service in accordance with the Procedure for Assigning Taxpayer Registration (Accounting) Numbers, approved by the order of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine of August 3, 1998 N 380 and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on September 1, 1998 N 540/2980.

These persons must affix the registration (account) number specified in the registration application, and it must match the individual taxpayer number; for those responsible for holding a tax and for paying a tax to the budget during the implementation of various agreements on joint activities, the value added tax taxpayer registration certificate on form N 2 is issued for each of these agreements FOR;

For representation offices of non-residents in Ukraine, the individual taxpayer number is formed in the same order as for legal entities;

For representation offices of non-residents in Ukraine, who were registered as VAT taxpayers before June 1, 2006 and do not have the USREOU identification code, the individual tax number is a 9-digit registration (registration) number in the TRDPAU. The re-registration of non-resident representative offices and VAT taxpayers, as well as the replacement of their respective certificates, are carried out after the inclusion of these separate units in the USREOU.


The TIN consists of 10 digits

For entities:

For a legal entity - a 12-digit numerical code, whose structure is as follows: 7 characters include the first 7 characters of the identification code of the Unified State Register of Businesses and Organizations of Ukraine without control number, 8th and 9th characters - code of area according to the coding system adopted in the state tax administration bodies, 10th and 11th signs - administrative district code according to the coding system adopted in the state tax service bodies, 12th sign - the control category , whose training algorithm is established by the central body of the Ukrainian state tax service


The TIN consists of 12 digits

2735321158 3065520146 3171718420 053931104023 139564716035 32855961