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For individuals / entities:

In order to help you plan and execute your shipments as smoothly as possible, we would like to bring to your attention that the Venezuelan Authorities require the Consignee details to include the telephone number as well as the RIF number. The RIF number is tax number, “Registro de Identificación Fiscal”, which is issued by the Venezuelan authorities to legal and natural persons. The number consists of an E, I, J, or V, followed by an eight-digit number and a check digit, all separated by hyphens. For example: V-12345678-0.


The RIF is composed by a kind which could be:
C: Township or Communal Council
E: Represents a foreigner natural person and stands for "Extranjera" and "Extranjero"
G: Represents a goverment entity and stands for "Gubernamental"
J: Used for a legal entity. Could be a natural person or a corporate entity and stands for "Jurídico"
P: Used on RIF numbers which belongs to passports
V: Represents a person with venezuelan citizenship and stands for "Venezolana" and "Venezolano"
An identifier number followed by a hyphen symbol and finally a checksum digit, as well followed by a hyphen symbol.

V-05892464-0 J-07013380-5 G-20000041-4